Celebrating 20 Years

Where Have We Been?

Farmer to Farmer began in 2001 with the goal to provide the opportunity of land ownership to landless farmers in rural Nicaragua.  This program has been successful in bringing families out of extreme poverty, bringing them to full food security, and setting them on a path to financial stability.   

20 Years of Impact

  • First landbank started in 2002 with 17 families
  • By 2021, F2F has completed 7 landbanks including 111 families and 192 members 
  • 96%+ Repayment Rate 
  • Families Incomes Increase 85% to 154%, depending on technology used when compared to average agricultural working wage.
  • Financed a coffee bodega (shop), roaster and grinder.  Repaid 100%.

“Now we have something to leave our children and we thank God first and ACJ for allowing us to participate in this landbank project.” Adela Gonzales Martínez

Where Are We Going?

Though our program has been successful in bringing families out of extreme poverty and into food security, we have realized that there is room for improvement.

Land ownership is not always enough to develop successful and stable farms.  Problems such as poor training, limited access to capital for inputs, and poor access to good markets still plague many Nicaraguan farmers.  To build a more successful program, we need to address these problems as well.  

A land purchase is unlikely for the next couple years.  Therefore, our focus will be to improve farm productivity and income. We will utilize a business model that helps farmers utilize good agricultural practices to improve yields and quality so that they will have access to better markets and increased profit.  Our hope is that we can combine these strategies with a land ownership program in the future to provide a more complete solution for marginalized farmers in rural Nicaragua.

How Will We Get There?

  • Investing in our partners ACJ & APAC
  • Increase the capacity of the Bridge to Inclusion Program
  • Replicate the APAC model with ACJ through their Cocoa Initiative

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