Farmer to Farmer

A Business Affiliate of Partners Worldwide (PW).

Farmer to Farmer operates as a Business Affiliate within the PW network.  PW is the non-profit organization that helps Farmer to Farmer operate in the US and Canada as well as in Nicaragua.  We utilize their model, which is outlined on the following pages.

A Broad Christian Network

Farmer to Farmer is a broad network of Christians spread across North America.  If you have a heart for Christ-centered, holistic poverty alleviation and a love for agriculture, then there is a place for you within our network.

Executive Board

Farmer to Farmer is led by an executive board of volunteers, currently with members from Iowa, North Carolina, and Ontario, Canada.  The board meets twice yearly in February and in September.  At least one board member visits Nicaragua each quarter.  The responsibilities of the board are to develop relationships with our LCIs, develop and implement our development programs, raise funds to support the programs and promote Farmer to Farmer.


We have a variety of volunteers that contribute as well.  There are many ways to serve without being on the board, such as visiting Nicaragua with us, encouraging and praying for us, offering technical assistance, mentoring, fundraising or donating.  

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