The following organizations all have great resources that will help you understand poverty and sound, biblical approaches on how to alleviate it.

Partners Worldwide

We mobilize long-term, hands-on global relationships to form a powerful Christian network that uses business as the way to create flourishing economic environments in all parts of the world. – Partners Worldwide Mission Statement – https://www.partnersworldwide.org/


“PovertyCure is an initiative of the Acton Institute that seeks to ground the battle against local and global poverty in a proper understanding of the human person and society, and to encourage solutions that foster opportunity and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that already fills poverty-stricken areas of the developed and developing world.” – Poverty Cure Mission Statement – https://www.povertycure.org/

The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics

“Our mission is to educate and inspire Christians to live out a Biblical theology that integrates faith, work, and economics.” – The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics Mission Statement – https://tifwe.org/

The Chalmers Center

“The Chalmers Center equips local churches to address the broken relationships at the root of material poverty, living out Jesus’ Kingdom today.” – The Chalmers Center Mission Statement – https://chalmers.org/

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