Land Ownership For Landless Farmers Program


Since this program began in 2003 over 110 families have been given the opportunity of land ownership.  It has never been a give-away program.  These families have worked hard, endured many challenges and earned their land titles.  This program has been successful in bringing families out of extreme poverty, bringing them to full food security, and setting them on a path to financial stability.  

The Landbank Process

Land Selection – Several factors are considered before purchase, including potential land usefulness for crop production, access to water, access to roads, and cost.  Qualifying landless farmers must also be present in the area.

Land Purchase – Typically, we will purchase an area of around 50 to 100 acres and then subdivide it into 5-7 acre parcels for each family.  This is what we refer to as a “landbank.”

Participant Selection – Farmers with no access to land and provide evidence of good standing in the community can qualify.

Loans – Loans are made for land and farm establishment costs.  There is a one-year grace period with no repayments.  The target repayment period is ten years after the grace period.

Training – Farmers receive biblical worldview, stewardship, agriculture and business training.

Farm Plan – Farmers establish a farm plan using a few of the best crop and/or livestock enterprises for their region and based on their goals.  

Getting to Work – Farmers utilize their farm plan and develop their parcels and businesses under the mentorship of the agronomists and promotors from the LCIs.

Revolving Fund – Repayments are placed into a fund to be used for new landbank projects.

Graduation – Upon full repayment, farmers receive their land titles and are graduated from the program.

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