Local Community Institutions

Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes (ACJ)

“The Christian Youth Association of Nicaragua (ACJ-YMCA), is a Christian, lay and ecumenical organization of and for young people. Its priority is to work with young people from impoverished and at-risk communities. ACJ-YMCA Nicaragua, has development programs in the areas of gender, law, recreation, culture and sport, empowerment of young people for the development of community actions, self-management, environment and local development in the Departments of Managua, León, Boaco and Matagalpa. In the development of its programs, ACJ-YMCA Nicaragua has established strategic alliances with related organizations, community leaders, religious and local authorities, with the purpose of increasing local capacities of the territories, so that sustainability of the programs is guaranteed.

“The actions of the Christian Youth Association of Nicaragua are based on the Paris Base established by the First World Conference in August 1855, which says: ‘The Christian Youth Associations seek to unite those young people who, considering Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior according to the Holy Scriptures, want, in their faith and in their lives, to be disciples of Him and work together to extend the Kingdom of their Master among young people.’” – Translated from the ACJ website “Quien Somos” page: http://www.ymcanicaragua.org/quienes-somos/

Asociación Pueblos en Acción Comunitaria (PAC) 

“The Asociación Pueblos en Acción Comunitaria (PAC) is an organization that promotes sustainable development in areas with a long tradition and productive potential. Its vision is to consolidate itself as an organization capable of articulating and strengthening a capacity for the generation of knowledge and technology aimed at the creation of technically and financially sustainable rural business platforms.

“The business platforms promoted by the organization include more than 700 small and medium producers, connecting them with globalized markets. Its area of incidence includes more than one hundred communities that are located in the North Central and North Segovia zones of the country, areas of great agro-ecological importance due to their productive potential and their relevance in our environmental environment.” – Copied from the APAC website “About Us” page: https://www.apac.org.ni/english/

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