AMC Update June 2019

We are grateful for the work of the field staff at Acción Médica Cristiana (AMC) based in La Dalia, Matagalpa, Nicaragua.  They are doing a great job with the partner farmers on the landbanks.

This past season has been a struggle for the farmers on the landbanks of Acción Médica Cristiana (AMC). They have been struggling this past season with low yields of coffee and red beans due to excessive rainfall events.  Coffee yields were around 13 to 15 qq/mz and the expectation was 20 to 25 qq/mz. Red bean yields ranged from 6 to 12 qq/mz and the expectation was 18 to 25 qq/mz.  (1 qq/mz is roughly equivalent to 1 bu/A.).  During the past quarter AMC has conducted trainings on coffee, cocoa, achiote (a plant used to make various dyes), as well as trainings on diversification in other crops such as plantains, cocoa, and various fruits and vegetables. 

AMC continued its pilot marketing project as well.  From January through March AMC brought the following to market: 2,139 plantains, around 800 lemons of various varieties, 381 lbs. annatto (achiote), 956 lbs of cocoa, 3,422 lbs of coffee, 13,788 lbs of red beans, and small amounts of various other produce.  AMC is studying the feasibility of setting up a marketing project or company.  Currently AMC is purchasing products from the farmers and taking them to sell in the markets in La Dalia and El Tuma.  Initial response from the farmers has been good and there is opportunity to increase this to a full-scale marketing project.  To make this into a sustainable business for AMC and provide extra markets to the landbank farmers a full economic study is planned over the next several months.  

AMC also continued its “Seed Fund” this quarter.  Through this fund, input and operating loans are made to landbank farmers and repaid post-harvest.  Interest is charged to the farmers and currently this interest is being reinvested to increase the amount of loans AMC can make.  So far, this program has had a 100% repayment rate.

AMC was also able to land deeds to six partners at the El Progresso landbank.  Also, there were eight other partners at this and the other landbanks that are very close to graduating as well.  The process is under way to get their deeds processed.

You can support Farmer to Farmer through the Partners Worldwide website. Please choose “Nicaragua: Farmer to Farmer” from the dropdown menu.

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