Adela Gonzales Martinez

Meet Adela Gonzales Martínez, producer in the Corona community (in the department of Boaco) and a beneficiary of the cocoa project with Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes (ACJ).  Several of her grandchildren live with her.

“I am beginning to see the fruits of cocoa planting, and shortly I will have the first harvest from the 0.5 manzana (about 0.8 Acres) that I planted through the program with ACJ.  I have benefited and it will help my family more, because we will have additional income.”

“Currently on this plot of land I plant coffee and fruit trees that I already can harvest from.  However, this is very tedious, and I have seen that it is more expensive than cocoa.  This cocoa plot gives me more benefits and so I would like to replace the coffee with cocoa.  Plus, I plant some fruits like passion fruit, and I harvest some orange trees.  I harvest plantain for food, and I rent land for corn and bean crops that will be used mostly for family consumption but also to sell some.  In this way I get income to support my family.”

“In the plot my grandchildren and some children also help me some.  However, normally I am the one who works in the crop and I do what the technician trained me to do in the sessions that I attended.  So, to date I know more about the crop and the care that must be done.”

“Currently in the plot I have the desire to plant more areas of cocoa, bananas and areas of corn and beans.  This way in the future we should have plenty of food and be able to sell more products that we produce.”“Though this program we already have something to leave our children.  I thank God first and ACJ NICARAGUA for helping us participate in this project of land banks.”

Support Farmer to Farmer and help other farmers like Adela. Please choose “Nicaragua: Farmer to Farmer” from the dropdown menu.

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