About Us


Farmer to Farmer seeks to alleviate poverty in rural Nicaragua by partnering with local institutions to provide marginalized farmers with the opportunity of land ownership and to develop rural businesses.


Farmer to Farmer envisions partnerships based on the love of Christ for fellow human beings and on faith and trust in God’s vision and plan for each of us as we strive together to serve those living in poverty.

Farmer to Farmer envisions flourishing rural communities where once broken relationships are being restored.  We envision communities where all are respected as image bearers of God, where people can provide for their families because there is freedom to work and engage in business and where all people can glorify God by loving Him and their neighbors and by faithfully stewarding His creation.


Farmer to Farmer is structured with an executive board with members from Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado and Ontario, Canada.  This board meets twice yearly in February and in August.  At least one board member visits Nicaragua each quarter.  The responsibilities of this board are to raise funds to support the Land Ownership for Landless Farmer Program and the Value Chain Development Program.  The board also helps develop and evaluate progress on the Annual Partnership Plans that F2F has with each LCI.  The board works through the PW Partnership Manager to build relationships with the LCI administration and field teams to help make sure the goals of the program are being achieved.

Farmer to Farmer has local committees.  These committees assist the executive board with fundraising, awareness and often provide technical assistance to either the board or the LCIs in Nicaragua.  These are designed for just about anyone to be able to be involved in Farmer to Farmer as their time and gifts allow.  

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